G&G Convenience Store and Get App sign cooperation agreement in Myanmar

G&G Convenience Store Head Office in Myanmar

Myanmar’s leading digital products platform Get and G&G, the country’s largest network of 24-hr convenience stores, have signed a cooperation agreement. The deal enables G&G customers to buy JJ Express bus e-tickets via the Get App.

The Santa Rosa and Petaluma G&G stores were bought last month by Pleasanton-based Safeway stores, which will rebrand them as Safeway locations. Some shoppers were shocked and saddened by the news.

Hlaing Township

G&G supermarkets, a family-owned Sonoma County grocery business for more than a half century, has been sold to Safeway stores. The purchase will bring the Santa Rosa and Petaluma locations into the Safeway fold, the companies said Thursday. Employees at both locations will be kept on, and a new name will be chosen for the stores, the company said.

Hlaing Township (Burmese: liung miu’ny, pronounced [laiW thaja mjone]), also known as Hline, is located in west Yangon District and has a population of over 125,000. It is bordered by Mayangon Township and Thamaing Creek in the north, Kamayut Township in the east, and Kyimyindaing Township in the south. The township is mainly an urban area and has a strong manufacturing base. It is well served by public transport.

Kyimyindaing Township

Kyimyindaing Township, also known as Kyeemyindaing or Kyi Myin Dine, is located in the western part of Yangon. The township is best known for its railway station which was built for the Yangon-Pyay line in 1876. This station is a symbol of the early history of railways in Myanmar. The station was listed as a protected landmark by the city in 2016. There are many things to see and do at the Kyimyindaing Township including restaurants, shops, and parks. There are also several schools in the township. The township is bordered by Kamayut Township in the north, the Yangon River and Twante Township in the west, Sanchaung Township in the east, and Ahlon Township in the south.

JJ Express

G&G convenience stores has partnered with one of Myanmar’s leading bus company, JJ Expressway to sell their bus tickets as e-ticket at the G&G Convenience Stores. Customers can now purchase JJ Expressway bus ticket and air tickets along with mobile top-up and cinema tickets at all of the G&G stores nationwide.

JJ Express (also known as Joyous Journey Express) operates a fleet of new buses that provide an enjoyable trip for passengers with food, drinks and entertainment on board. The VIP class seats are angle-flat and each passenger is provided with a personal TV. Drivers have more stringent requirements and the buses undergo daily maintenance checks to ensure maximum safety for passengers.

G&G Supermarkets, the family-owned Sonoma County grocery chain, has been sold to Safeway. Workers at the Santa Rosa and Petaluma stores learned of the sale on Thursday morning.

Embassy of Israel

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G&G Convenience, or Grab & Go, is the market leading locally grown convenience store chain in Myanmar and operates more than 300 stores nationwide. It is the first to provide digital products at its 24-hr stores. This collaboration between Get, the country’s number one digital product platform and physical G&G is set to transform the way people live in Myanmar.

Embassy of the United States

G&G, formerly known as Grab and Go, is the market leader in convenience stores in Myanmar. Its mission is to offer Daily Essential products, Ready-to-Eat foods and e-Services to make life easier for its customers. The stores are situated in suburban and urban areas, providing a one-stop shop solution. The G&G convenience store is located nearby the health club Anytime Fitness and Westminster United Church.

G&g Supermarkets, a family-owned business for more than half a century, has been sold to Safeway. Employees at the Santa Rosa and Petaluma stores learned of the sale Thursday morning in meetings with Safeway representatives, a G&G statement said.

Pleasanton-based Safeway will hire the 250 employees from both G&G locations, offering them the same compensation or better, according to company officials. The stores will be renamed Safeway by the end of this year.

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Gen Z’s Impact on Convenience Stores

The Convenience Store of Gen Z

A convenience store is a retail business that sells packaged consumer packaged goods and gasoline. Some also offer food service.

Gen Z shoppers are more likely than other generations to say they enjoy c-store experiences. They expect a wider selection of products and are more willing to try new items.

Fresh Food

Gen Z has a different view of convenience stores, and they are the ones driving traffic for food services at those locations. This generation expects c-stores to provide variety and fresh ingredients in their grab & go foods.

They’re the most likely to make a buying choice based on an online review, and they are also more likely than other generations to use a delivery service at a c-store. This means c-stores need to continually monitor their online reviews and encourage happy customers to write them.

Your on campus convenience store features Z Espress coffee, essential snacks, hot chips, cold drinks and more. Meal swipes can be used to purchase to-go meals from Grill Pit, Erbert & Gerbert’s, Brutus Tacos or the Market. The store is also home to a full-service bakery.

Hot Drinks

For many c-store consumers, a trip to the convenience store is not complete without a hot beverage. The category is a major revenue driver for retailers and has continued to grow during the pandemic.

In addition to coffee, c-stores are also capitalizing on the popularity of tea. In fact, iced tea is a growing trend in the US as shoppers seek healthier alternatives to sugary sodas.

According to Technomic, Gen Z shoppers look for a variety of beverages that can energize them. They want to add toppings, syrups and flavored sweeteners to create concoctions they can share on social media. This is why c-stores should promote cold beverages that can refresh and provide a jolt to young customers, as well as offer options for a pick-me-up.

Fresh Produce

In a city inundated with small corner bodegas that seem to be all the same Z&S has done something unique and different. They’ve turned their stores into a mecca of personal prepackaged snacks. Their clean little spot carries every chip, nut, candy bar, soda, health bar and snack that you could possibly want to eat.

SNAP and WIC participation was associated with higher availability, quality and variety of fresh fruit and vegetables in convenience stores, but these results do not demonstrate that convenience stores can compete with supermarkets on price for low-income consumers. More work is needed to understand how to improve access to affordable, high-quality produce in low-income neighbourhoods and to identify strategies that can reduce prices and promote convenience.

In 2022, Gen Z is more likely than other generations to shop at convenience stores.


The convenience store remains as relevant as ever (proof: Clerks 3 was released this year). Gen Z shoppers are the most enthusiastic c-store consumers, influenced by social media, willing to try new products and more likely than older generations to visit a c-store with specific things in mind.

Refuelling your vehicle has never been easier. ANPR Pay-by-Plate allows you to fuel without entering the shop using your Z App or mobile phone. Simply drive up to the pump, open your phone and follow the prompts.

With a refreshed look, Z stations are now modern and sleek. The indoor presentation is simpler and staff uniforms have returned to orange or white – reflecting the brand’s heritage in New Zealand. The new format makes it easy to add self-checkouts in future without needing a full store refit.

Meal Deals

In a city overrun by small corner bodegas that seem to all be the same, Z&S has found a way to stand out. They have created a mecca of prepackaged snacks and drinks. Their walls are stacked with every chip, cookie, candy bar, health bar, soda, cupcake, gum, and whatever else you may be hankering for at the moment. It’s a great little spot to stop if you don’t have time for a full meal but need something to hold you over until your next meal.

Shoppers looking to save even more should pay close attention to the The Z Store coupon conditions, which are always changing. Fortunately, HotDeals is here to share all of the latest The Z Store promo codes and coupons with you.

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Improved Bathroom Experience: Benefits of a Convenience Height Toilet

Benefits of a Convenience Height Toilet

Whether you have mobility issues or simply prefer a higher seating position, this toilet can improve your bathroom experience. Its elevated height makes it easy to sit down and stand up.

It’s also ADA compliant. Compared to standard toilets, it’s two to four inches taller and is a great option for those with disabilities.


Using a standard toilet can be difficult for people who have difficulty bending. This is especially true for elderly people or those with mobility issues. Comfort height toilets are about two or three inches higher than standard toilets, making them more comfortable for anyone who uses the bathroom.

The raised position also reduces stress on knees and joints. This can be particularly helpful for seniors and individuals with arthritis or other medical conditions that cause pain or discomfort in the knees or back.

In addition, comfort height toilets are easier to clean than standard toilets. They are available in one-piece or two-piece models and can have traditional gravity flushing mechanisms or pressure-assisted flushing systems. Some of them even offer bidet functionality. It is important to inspect and clean your comfort height toilet regularly to keep it looking good and working well. During this process, you should make sure the water is flowing properly and that there are no leaks or clogs.


Depending on your height, you may find it difficult to lower yourself onto and rise from the seat of a standard-height toilet. This is especially true for individuals with back pain or other mobility issues. A convenience height toilet can help alleviate this problem by providing a more natural sitting position.

In addition, comfort height toilets are ideal for seniors and people with disabilities who have difficulty bending down to sit on a low-seated toilet. These toilets feature a taller than average seat height of 17 to 19 inches and are often priced less than standard-height models.

To measure the toilet height, begin by extending your tape measure along the outside edge of the tank. Continue to extend the measuring tool upwards until it reaches the highest point of the toilet. Take note of this measurement and record it in your notebook or on a sheet of paper, including the units of measurement. Store this information in a safe and accessible place to reference it when shopping for a new toilet or making bathroom upgrades.


Comfort height toilets help individuals adopt a more natural sitting posture, alleviating discomfort and stress on the back and legs. Their elevated seat height also minimizes the risk of falls or accidents, particularly for older adults and individuals with balance issues.

Elderly people who struggle to rise from a standard-height toilet often have to push against the rim of the bowl with their hands, which can lead to clogs and injuries. On the other hand, if a person is very light-weight and has limited flexibility, they may find it hard to use a comfort height toilet.

When shopping for a convenience height toilet, consider factors like bowl shape and size, flushing mechanism, and additional features. Look for ADA compliance, and opt for models with dual levers for added convenience. Also, look for models that have a WaterSense certification to ensure maximum water efficiency. This can help you save on your utility bills. Also, consider the aesthetic of the toilet and whether it matches your bathroom design.


If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, consider a two-piece toilet with an elongated bowl. A Kohler Eir intelligent toilet will fit the bill with a full suite of features including personal cleansing, night-light, customizable cleaning, hand-free opening/closing and automatic flush, as well as touchscreen remote control.

On the other hand, if you have children or are shorter than average, then a regular height toilet might be more comfortable for you. It’s not cost-effective for companies to mass produce a product that won’t have demand, so standard height toilets became the norm.

Both comfort height and chair height toilets are available in a wide variety of styles, colors and flush systems to modify your bathroom’s look. Keep in mind, however, that a chair-height toilet may require more space for its taller design. To make sure you have enough room, consult your plumbing experts before swapping out your toilets. Rail bars are also an affordable option for enhancing accessibility without having to replace the entire toilet.

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