G&G Convenience Store and Get App sign cooperation agreement in Myanmar

G&G Convenience Store Head Office in Myanmar

Myanmar’s leading digital products platform Get and G&G, the country’s largest network of 24-hr convenience stores, have signed a cooperation agreement. The deal enables G&G customers to buy JJ Express bus e-tickets via the Get App.

The Santa Rosa and Petaluma G&G stores were bought last month by Pleasanton-based Safeway stores, which will rebrand them as Safeway locations. Some shoppers were shocked and saddened by the news.

Hlaing Township

G&G supermarkets, a family-owned Sonoma County grocery business for more than a half century, has been sold to Safeway stores. The purchase will bring the Santa Rosa and Petaluma locations into the Safeway fold, the companies said Thursday. Employees at both locations will be kept on, and a new name will be chosen for the stores, the company said.

Hlaing Township (Burmese: liung miu’ny, pronounced [laiW thaja mjone]), also known as Hline, is located in west Yangon District and has a population of over 125,000. It is bordered by Mayangon Township and Thamaing Creek in the north, Kamayut Township in the east, and Kyimyindaing Township in the south. The township is mainly an urban area and has a strong manufacturing base. It is well served by public transport.

Kyimyindaing Township

Kyimyindaing Township, also known as Kyeemyindaing or Kyi Myin Dine, is located in the western part of Yangon. The township is best known for its railway station which was built for the Yangon-Pyay line in 1876. This station is a symbol of the early history of railways in Myanmar. The station was listed as a protected landmark by the city in 2016. There are many things to see and do at the Kyimyindaing Township including restaurants, shops, and parks. There are also several schools in the township. The township is bordered by Kamayut Township in the north, the Yangon River and Twante Township in the west, Sanchaung Township in the east, and Ahlon Township in the south.

JJ Express

G&G convenience stores has partnered with one of Myanmar’s leading bus company, JJ Expressway to sell their bus tickets as e-ticket at the G&G Convenience Stores. Customers can now purchase JJ Expressway bus ticket and air tickets along with mobile top-up and cinema tickets at all of the G&G stores nationwide.

JJ Express (also known as Joyous Journey Express) operates a fleet of new buses that provide an enjoyable trip for passengers with food, drinks and entertainment on board. The VIP class seats are angle-flat and each passenger is provided with a personal TV. Drivers have more stringent requirements and the buses undergo daily maintenance checks to ensure maximum safety for passengers.

G&G Supermarkets, the family-owned Sonoma County grocery chain, has been sold to Safeway. Workers at the Santa Rosa and Petaluma stores learned of the sale on Thursday morning.

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G&G Convenience, or Grab & Go, is the market leading locally grown convenience store chain in Myanmar and operates more than 300 stores nationwide. It is the first to provide digital products at its 24-hr stores. This collaboration between Get, the country’s number one digital product platform and physical G&G is set to transform the way people live in Myanmar.

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G&G, formerly known as Grab and Go, is the market leader in convenience stores in Myanmar. Its mission is to offer Daily Essential products, Ready-to-Eat foods and e-Services to make life easier for its customers. The stores are situated in suburban and urban areas, providing a one-stop shop solution. The G&G convenience store is located nearby the health club Anytime Fitness and Westminster United Church.

G&g Supermarkets, a family-owned business for more than half a century, has been sold to Safeway. Employees at the Santa Rosa and Petaluma stores learned of the sale Thursday morning in meetings with Safeway representatives, a G&G statement said.

Pleasanton-based Safeway will hire the 250 employees from both G&G locations, offering them the same compensation or better, according to company officials. The stores will be renamed Safeway by the end of this year.

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